Apple Owns Enough US Treasury Bonds To Put Many Countries To Shame – $52.6 billion!

Apple Owns Enough US Treasury Bonds To Put Many Countries To Shame - $52.6 billion!

Considering that Apple is merely a private enterprise, it owns a substantial amount of treasury bonds – just over $52 billion, according to estimates from the Treasury Department and Apple’s SEC filings which were released Wednesday. As CNBC reports, Apple has more money invested in Treasury securities than many countries.

So much, in fact, that if the megacorp were to for some reason be pissed off by the US government and decide to sell its bonds, it would create a ripple that collapse entire markets. It seems that CEO Tim Cook might have considerable political grip in the United States, but things aren’t that simple. The company’s stake in government securities as of June, up from $41.7 billion as of last September, puts it ahead of Netherlands, Norway, Turkey and Sweden. It would fit into the top 25 major foreign holders.

Here’s a more comprehensive list for comparison:

  • Japan: $1.1113 trillion
  • China: $1.1022 trillion
  • Ireland: $295.8 billion
  • Brazil: $269.7 billion
  • Cayman Islands: $266.1 billion
  • Switzerland: $239.5 billion
  • United Kingdom: $234.4 billion
  • Luxembourg: $207.7 billion
  • Hong Kong: $196.3 billion
  • Taiwan: $181.2 billion
  • Saudi Arabia: $134.0 billion
  • India: $127.3 billion
  • Russia: $108.7 billion
  • Singapore: $107.9 billion
  • Korea: $100.1 billion
  • Belgium: $98.7 billion
  • Canada: $80.2 billion
  • France: $74.4 billion
  • Germany: $68.3 billion
  • Thailand: $66.5 billion
  • Bermuda: $60.9 billion
  • United Arab Emirates: $60.5 billion
  • Apple: $52.6 billion
  • Netherlands: $52.2 billion
  • Turkey: $49.5 billion
  • Norway: $48.3 billion
  • Sweden: $40.8 billion
  • Mexico: $38.9 billion
  • Philippines: $38.2 billion
  • Spain: $38.2 billion
  • Australia: $37.0 billion
  • Italy: $35.6 billion
  • Poland: $35.0 billion
  • Kuwait: $31.6 billion
  • Israel: $30.9 billion
  • All other: $455.7 billion

With $20.1 billion in short-term Treasury securities and $31.35 billion in long-term marketable Treasury bonds, Apple is still way below the likes of China and Japan, which hold over a trillion dollars in U.S. government debt each. This has been a cause of concern and considerable internal struggles in Washington.

Although many say that being in this situation empowers the bond owners, giving them leverage, one has to point out that for the USD to experience a fall, many who have bought debt would lose substantial amounts of money, on top of which are China and Japan.

Still, Apple is way above other big companies like Amazon, which owns less than $5 billion in U.S. government or agency securities combined, according to regulatory filings. Treasury bonds are a well respected long-term investment that many are using to its full potential and it basically means that debt is being bought out and money is being invested in the stability of the dollar.

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