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He Gives A Homeless $100 And Follows Him To See How He Spends It. What Happens Next Will Touch Your Heart

This Guy called Josh Paler Lin gave a homeless man $100 to then follow him without him noticing to find out what he would do with the money. You’re probably thinking the man would buy alcohol or drugs for himself, but amazingly, he will leave you speechless.

This video will absolutely change the way you see the homeless. There is kind-hearted people everywhere, even in the streets.

Josh Paler Lin found this homeless man and gave him $100


The man couldn’t believe it at first…


But then he took the money and hugged him


The, Josh followed him to see what he would do with the money

But it’s not what you’re thinking…


Watch the video to see what happens

What he did is just inspiring. What do you think about it? Do you help the homeless?

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