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Here Are Some Crazy Facts About Gambling That Casinos Don’t Want You To Know.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…unless you lose your life savings. That comes with you.

Sure, for most people Las Vegas looks enticing. The glam the glitter, and the girls are all appealing. (And the buffets are even better.) But even Frank Sinatra sings about the “glory” days of Vegas not being so glorious.

Here are 10 things that the casinos hope you never figure out. Some of them are pretty shocking…

1.) Online casinos are safer, and more regulated than land based casinos.

2.) Online Casinos Offer Much Better Odds Than Land-Based Casinos

3.) Casinos are set up like giant mazes to intentionally get you lost so you never leave.

4.) Gambling has been around since prehistoric times.

5.) Online Casino Games are 100% Safe & Secure


6.) The lighting in casinos is made to resemble your living room, making you more calm and comfortable.

7.) The Catholic and Judaic faiths have tolerated and supported gambling in the past.

8.) Online Casinos Have New Player Deposit Bonuses!

9.) Knowing a game well won’t increase your chances of winning by much. It’s mostly chance.

10.) You Can Win Millions at Online Casinos!


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