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Hostage situation in Croatia : Man barricaded himself after killing a psychiatrist


An armed man has barricaded himself in his house on the island of Rab in Croatia and is threatening to blow himself up with a grenade.

The crazed man first assaulted and killed a psychiatrist with an AK-47 rifle and then went on to kill his wife as well. Fortunately, she was able to escape by jumping through the window and was taken to safety by the police. However, she was seriously injured in the process and waited for help, which couldn’t approach her due to the risk of being shot by her husband, who, reportedly, fired on everyone who came near his house.


The attacker has barricaded himself inside this house in the village of Barbat

After emergency services and SWAT teams surrounded the area, the man fired a few warning shots and barricaded himself in the house, threatening to blow himself up. It is unclear whether there is anyone with him in the house, but authorities believe he is probably all alone.

The negotiation team is talking to the man, who had refused previous attempts to give up and surrender himself. According to inside information, the negotiations are “going worse than expected”.

Croatian police issued a statement regarding the incident, confirming that several officers were dispatched to the scene around 9:35 AM in the village of Barbat on the island of Rab in Croatia. “Once confronted by out officers, who were trying to evacuate the injured woman by the house, the man, believed to be 48 years old, fired several shots in their direction and they were forced to retreat. SWAT teams are on standby and are ready to take action if negotiations fail. The body of the victim, aged 45, was removed and the man in question was declared dead.”


The exact location of the island of Rab, a famous tourist destination in Croatia

Croatian authorities believe the barricaded man is a war veteran who has gone into a frenzy after a bitter dispute over a land which he had with the killed psychiatrist. He shot the man first in the leg, and then killed him with several hits to the chest.

Some locals speculate that the attacker had been a patient at the local mental institution, where the victim once worked, but this has not been confirmed so far. The story goes on that the killed doctor had spread tales throughout the village about attacker’s mental state, causing him to loose his job.


Croatian SWAT and negotiations teams on standby just outside of the village

Locals and neighbors added that they heard several shots and a loud racket. Some of them were evacuated and other were ordered by the police to stay inside and barricade their doors until the situation is resolved.

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