This Paper Scarf Will Help You Have Your To-Do List Nearby

The company Little Factory has designed this unique scarf made of a new material in which you can take down notes. You are cold and you have to go to the supermaket? Here’s your solution!

The material is called Tyvek.

Material manufacturer Dupont previously used this fabric material, called Tyvek, as protective apparel for industrial workers and medical packaging.


Little Factory used this material to create a scarf which looks like and has the properties of paper.

Little Factory stepped in and created a warm winter scarf which mimics the look and properties of paper. You can even write on it.


The amazing material allows the owner of the scarf to write on it.

With Tyvek, the scarf allows its owner to write or draw on the body of the wrap, just like a regular piece of paper.


Appart from being like paper, it’s elastic, extremely durable, and water-resistant.

Even more interesting are the scarf's properties, which include elasticity, extreme durability, breathability, and water-resistance. These features provide a lightweight scarf that becomes softer as you wear it.


It’s available in blue and also grey lined “paper”

This unique scarf will keep any struggling author warm in the coldest of winters. It's available in both blue and grey lined "paper."




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